Essay about Education And English Literature Work

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Education and English literature work hand- and-hand with equipping children in the early childhood years with the skills needed to be successful in future education. This is because “the early childhood years serve as an important foundation for subsequent literacy development” (Neuman & Dickinson, 2001; Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998; Whitehurst & Lonigan, 2001). During the early childhood years children’s brains are constantly absorbing everything they learn or come in contact with. “The degree to which children acquire requisite literacy skills is known to be a strong predictor of future academic success and has long-term social and economic implications for families and societies (Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998; Werner & Smith, 1992). In a joint position statement issued by the International Reading Association (IRA) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the authors state, "One of the best predictors of whether a child will function competently in school and go on to contribute actively in our increasingly literate society is the level to which the child progresses in reading and writing" (IRA/NAEYC, 1998, p. 30).” So introducing and promoting education and English literature at a young age can promote habits of reading and learning for fun and understanding for future years.
Education is built on the concept of giving and or receiving information in methodically ways. Negroponte, a well-known professor and scholar, has made a strong…

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