Education And Education Essay

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Laying the ground work for the meaning of education means to encompass the values that are fought and strived for throughout an individual’s time spent in a college level institution.
There are many forms of learning that make up the formal educational environment. What is endured by students throughout this timeline brings the question of education as a necessity or just a signature of status. Education over the years began as battle of the uneducated versus the educated. Although some people believe that college education defines ones status in society, the object of education defines an individual’s self and does not play a part in the society’s hidden social status. In the Bowie state commencement speech Obama addresses aspects of formal education from the various mediums that have been accessible through the years. In the speech Obama displays her perspective on the reach higher initiative, one of the main proponents
“which encourages young people to continue their education after high school by completing another degree, we there through vocational training, community college, or a four- year college or university.”(Obama, 2013) She is advocating a community outreach that encourages the and level of further education no matter the avenue chosen. My feelings on the perspective are mixed. I do support Obama’s initiative but feel that that education beyond the mandated should be on a personal basis only or the true purpose of education is not reached.
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