Education And Development Of Learning Skills, Schooling, And Secondary Or University Level Education

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Education can be defined as the wise, hopeful and respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all should have the chance to share in life (Smith 2015). Many individuals have various outlooks on what they think education really is. Often it is confused among the act of learning skills, schooling, ability to find work, and primary, secondary or university level education. “Students in the having mode must have but one aim; to hold onto what they have learned either by entrusting it firmly to their memories or by carefully guarding their notes” (Fromm 1979). In other words, school children play a significant role in the development of their knowledge and expansion of educational systems throughout the world. Schooling includes the allocation of knowledge in amounts that can be stored and applied so students can pass tests and acquire certain qualifications. This passing on of information throughout generations comes from the immersion in knowledge, ideas, beliefs, concepts, and visions of society and culture (Thomas 2013). Transmission and direct teaching as methods have encouraged deeper exploration, experience, analysis and action. This process reflects the lack of balance between the informal and formal strategies. Therefore, people assume a broad definition of the term education. However, in the context of this paper it will be in reference to primary and secondary education.
Education has been rapidly changing across the world through various modern…

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