Education Administration For The Fall Of 2017 Essay

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I am applying to your master’s program in Educational Administration for the fall of 2017. I am currently in my second year as a Resource English and Speech teacher at La Grange High school in La Grange, Texas. Prior to beginning my employment with La Grange ISD, I earned my undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Special Education emphasis from Texas A&M University.

My interest in public school administration began with the concept of leading through education that I developed while at Texas A&M University. Leadership roles are abundant throughout the field of education as administrators, teachers, and coaches are always in charge of leading student growth. I believe that administration provides a chance to increase leadership opportunities in education. It is a chance to reach beyond one group of students and interact with all students in a meaningful way. It is a chance to lead in the areas of community collaboration, special education, staff development, and post-secondary readiness.

Presently, both of my parents and one of my older brothers hold master’s degrees in Educational Administration. Given this family environment of educators who truly believe in the mission of leading through education, I believe that I also possess the knowledge, ability, and ambition to become a quality public school administrator. In addition to my family environment, I feel that my undergraduate degree will play a significant role in helping me become an…

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