Education Administration For African American Women Essay

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Pathways to Higher Education Administration for African American Women (Pathways) (Jones, Dawkins, McClinton & Glover, 2012) is a layman’s tutorial grounded in scholarly research on how to survive, thrive, and advance as an African American woman administrator in higher education. Authored by fourteen African American women and edited by Tamara Bertrand Jones, LeKita Scott Dawkins, Marguerite M. McClinton, and Melanie Hayden Glover, Pathways speaks to those with higher education career interests in both student and academic affairs. Each of its twelve chapters presents a historical review of select issues and roles of African American women in higher education, research findings specifically related to women of color in higher education careers, and key elements for personal and professional growth as a higher education administrator. Themes covered in this work include: essential skills needed at various career stages, impactful mentoring and how to develop and maintain successful mentor relationships, how to assess and establish work-family balance, developing pathways toward desired careers in academic and student affairs, navigating difficult career decisions, finding the right fit in both position and institution, and the value of networking. The overarching principles across all themes are how to navigate challenging environments and incorporate the concepts in one’s daily life to allow for and promote personal and professional advancement.
In Pathways, the authors…

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