Education : A National Security Issue With Long Term Impact Essay

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Education: A National Security Issue with Long-term Impact
An issue with long-term national security implications important to my generation is education funding. More specifically, the disproportionate cuts in funding for elementary, secondary and higher education.
There are a myriad of topics with national security implications in the headlines daily. These include issues such as climate change, bio-threats, cyber-attacks, transnational crime, and most recently the Syrian refugee crisis. The topics making the news are examples of close-target threats, and require an element of attention. But do we consider slow-moving national security threats that can take a generation or more to reverse? Education spending is not a highly visible national security issue, but is simply more subtle. In a global economy, the competitiveness of our students is a vital issue with potential national security impact. How we currently educate students is a capital investment in our future competitiveness and should be a national priority. If we fail to address the education issue as a country, we risk becoming progressively less and less competitive in the global market. Loss of competitiveness has an impact our trade, technology, resources, economy and our overall standard of living and education is the seed-corn of our Nation’s future.
According to multiple reports, Congress cut federal funding for K-12 education by nearly 20 percent over the past five years, which is five times…

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