Education : A Higher Education Essay

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A Higher Education Throughout the centuries, education has grown to be more of a priority, as people realized how important it is. Most children were schooled at home, or, if they were old enough, sent to work as apprentices in an attempt to learn a trade that could potentially become their career. Their schools were subpar as well, usually only having two books; a bible, and a primer, which contained the alphabet, spelling words, and poems. (Madison and Hameed 46) Not until 1639 did most students even have the option to get an education beyond what we now call high school. Higher education increased dramatically from the 1600 's to the 1800 's due to the demand for ministers, magistrates, public officials, the new funding, and the growing importance of education as a way to a better life. In the late 1500’s, and early 1600’s, to most people living in the colonies, education was not important. The majority of colonists could not afford to allow their children to go to school, as they had to pay for them. The first free, public school was founded in 1635. Until then, for the ones that could pay, their children went to six days of school every week. Usually school was only in session during winter and summer, when children and their families had finished farming for the season. At school, children were taught basic skills like reading, writing, and arithmetic. “…being able to read the Bible and understand sermons was an important way to achieve conversion and…

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