Educating Young Adults About Depression Essay

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Educating young adults about depression
I have been watching the news lately and I have seen a lot of shootings caused by young adults with depression. Why isn 't the schools and teachers educating young adults about depression? It 's known fact the highest group with this mental disorder are kids from twelve to seventeen. It 's estimated 2.8 billion young adults in the United States have some sort of depression. Depression makes a huge impact on a person 's life and it interferes with their mood and emotions.
One of the many reasons why the school system needs to start teaching and informing young adults about depression . Most people with depression aren 't aware they are depressed and in relation don 't get treated. Also, it disrupts their social life, school and simply their state of mind. Depression is a constant sense of hopelessness and sadness that doesn 't go away for a long period. It mostly occurs when something tragic takes place in one’s life like a death, break up or losing a job. They are two main depressions, major and persistent depression. Most people that have major depression feel worthless and may attempt to suicide. Major depression takes less time than other depression, but during that time it’s really dangerous and could potentially lead to death. It can be caused by many things including another depression like Psychotic, Postpartum and Seasonal affective depression. These depressions are usually longer term, but less dangerous, but if it’s not…

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