Educating The Youth And Preparing Them For Adult Life Essay

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Every child deserves to have certain conditions under the law that will allow them to properly grow up and be productive members of society. Children need adult figures to instill the proper morals and priorities. If a child has no adult figures to teach them the rules then it would be up to people who possess authority to teach them consequences of their actions. In the U.S, we focus on educating the youth and preparing them for adult life. At a young age, in poor countries children have to focus on survival and how they can help their parents, who probably live in poor living conditions. Children in poor countries must also have to worry about serious adult problems. There are children who have to make decisions if they should leave their home countries in order to seek a better lifestyle. According to Uehling (2008), “Each year over 100,000 children are apprehended entering the United States alone by parents or legal guardians and without valid immigrations documents” (pg. 833). There are children who travel on a dangerous journey to the U.S, alone by an adult or undocumented. This is a serious issue for the department of human rights, migrant youth, and the immigration policies and it is a taboo subject concerning, migrant. “As many as 8,000 of these children are placed in an elaborate system of border patrol detention centers, shelters, facilities, and, courts” (pg. 833). Most of these migrant youth end up in detention centers or end up detained because the U.S does…

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