Educating The American Educational Grading System Meet God 's Standards

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Educating God’s Way to Wisdom - APA
Does the American educational grading system meet God’s standards? Will a grading system earn Christians a place in heaven? Public and Christian educational institutes across America follow the core grading structure in hope to distinguish an individual’s learning level of achievement. Yes, American’s are fervent about giving marks or just merely dividing people into groups. Unfortunately, students across America join the race to win a good mark as if life will end if they do not get one. Consequently, my race began early in life with no definite stance on who wins this race, but one thing for sure, whether good or bad, as a student in this American race I will earn a mark, A GRADE. This race begins and continues throughout life the race at school, work, and life. As if humanities never ending journey is to earn a mark at the top. What does God say about Education? Growing Disciples of Christ is not a grading system neither a race to get to the top. In the book of John 8:32, the Lord instructs that when we understand the truth, the truth will mark us free, and this freedom comes from being educated in the truth. Do you think America’s educational grading system is failing to get a good mark?
The Myth Behind the Mark
The spot (mark) for Discipleship will help nurture the young to reign in God’s glory. In Ecclesiastes 12-14 (NLT), Solomon shares that education is important, but more vital than a noteworthy education is knowledge in…

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