Essay about Educating Students With Special Needs

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I believe that most of the lessons, learning activities, and assessments can be effectively differentiated in the classroom if the school district provides workshops and designates specific time for the teachers to develop the lessons, activities and assessments. It is not an easy task to differentiate instruction and create new lessons, assessments and activities while you have students with different disabilities and paperwork that needs to be submitted daily. For instance, I have classes of forty students and it is very difficult for me to reach all students and help them meet their needs. I have experienced that it takes many years to create an effective curriculum that differentiate instruction for all students with special needs. As an educator, I have witnessed many teachers leaving their profession because of all the new requirements that the state is mandating and lacking support from the administration. I have also observed that the administration most of the time keeps dumping students in classes that are already full and that affects the learning of the students with special needs. I personally believe that in order for all teachers to differentiate instruction in their lessons, activities and assessments, the school administration has to work collaboratively with all teachers and educate all teachers in staff meeting about the importance of differentiating instruction to students with special needs.
In order for students with special needs to succeed in the…

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