Educating Students With Diverse Backgrounds Essay

736 Words Dec 9th, 2015 3 Pages
As beginning teachers enter the educational environments there is a belief that all students with diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities should be in a universal educational setting. Teachers come with the belief that everyone has the right to learn and learning has no limits. A number of ways teachers can embrace students from diverse backgrounds would be to help students feel comfortable with their cultural identity and assist them in their learning by using a multicultural teaching approach that embraces diversity in the classroom. In classrooms today there are various students from many different backgrounds, there are First Nations here in New Brunswick that are Mik’maq and Maliseet, the French Acadians and Caucasians with multiple ethnicities. Teachers cultural competence perspective can assist students through culturally relevant teaching, the fundamental belief that every child that arrives in the classroom is a child who belongs in that classroom. This attitude will establish teachers to hold high expectations for all of their students and demonstrate willingness to work with students of diverse backgrounds and exceptionalities to ensure that they can reach those expectations.
Culturally responsive teaching starts by the teacher getting to know students on a personal level and learning about all of the students’ backgrounds. As new teacher it is important to understand that building teaching around the students ' interests when ever possible, and showcasing the…

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