Essay on Educating Students With A Better Educational Experience

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So now that we have talked about the present, we must look ahead. Stop looking at the problems we face now, and look ahead to the things we can do in the future to supplement our students with a better educational experience. There are many that argue that moving school start times later would be too costly. However, a study prepared by the Hamilton Project, called “Organizing Schools to Improve Student Achievement: Start Times, Grade Configurations, and Teacher Assignments” weighs the costs and benefits of the change, and wants to make sure they are heard on the matter. According to the article, the major change that would have to occur would be the bus system. Many districts have their bus systems in what they call a tiered system. This is so they do not have to get more buses and they can use the same ones for the high school and middle school students, which saves the schools money. This is also one of the major reasons for high schools starting later, as the elementary kids are given priority when given time. The article points out that,
“Even in school systems where buses would have to be added, costs are not expected to exceed $150 per student per year. Later start times would lead to a higher student achievement – the authors estimate a cumulative increase of 0.175 standards deviations in test scores by the time the student finished high school. This impact is equivalent to an additional two months of schooling. When translated into earnings, the average student who…

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