Educating Students At High Risk Of Dropping Out Essay

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Pressure from these stereotypes from peers, teachers, parents and society as a whole can lead children dropping out of school. While there are certain measures put in place such as laws like No Child Left Behind or IES recommendations for dropout prevention: 1. Utilize data systems to support the identification of students at high risk of dropping out 2. Assign adult advocates to students at risk of dropping out 3. Provide academic support and enrichment to improve academic performance 4. Implement programs to improve students’ classroom behavior and social skills 5. Personalize the learning environment and instructional process 6. Provide rigorous and relevant instruction to better engage students in learning and provide skills needed to graduate and to serve them after they leave school (Dynarski M, 2008), however, due to the stereotypes that Asian Americans receive these measures are often overlooked. Laws such as these should be used as a blueprint to ensure that Asian American students get the same quality education they deserve as their peers. Wexler, J., & Pyle, N. (2012) conducted an interview on a high school dropout and his personal experience due to Asian American stereotyping. The child’s name was Andy, an Asian American student who dropped out in the 12th grade. Early on Andy struggled being in a school that had only three other Asian American. He quickly fell behind due to the lack of resources he middle-class suburban peers had. However, Andy could not voice…

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