Educating Students Around Me : The Health Fair Essay

713 Words May 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Throughout this course I have learned to understand why there is a need to educate my peers. Taking part in this can help increase awareness and knowledge about various health topics that relate to fellow students around me. The Health Fair helped me take part in advocating better health. From the taking part in the Health Fair I learned many things about how to educate my peers by breaking down barriers that I once had. Contraceptive use was the topic my group members and I got to talk about during the Health Fair. Before the day of the event, I started to worry about saying the right things, as well as the topic of contraceptive making for an awkward conversation. These thought actually flew my mind as soon as the event began. To start off my group members and I had chosen to take part in specific tasks that we assigned ourselves to. However, once the event started, we all found jobs for ourselves to increase efficiency when multiple people approached our table. I had memorized the many facts about contraceptives, but to be honest, I did not need all of the many details to quickly relay the information about effective contraceptive use. Once the event started to begin I would approach people in a comfortable manner so my peers would not run away from the uncomfortable, what to be thought, conversation about Contraceptives. I was surprised to see many students interest in listening to the different types of contraceptives available as well as the willingness of many to…

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