Essay on Educating Society Is Hard The Way It Is For Anyone

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Adapting to society is hard the way it is for anyone. However, as children we adapt to our surroundings. When a child is left to fend for itself, it learns how to survive without a caretaker. According to the American Humane Association, this shows that the child becomes independent at an early age, and tends to push others away, because they are afraid they will be abandoned yet again. As an adult, child abuse victims don’t know where to go (2014). They haven’t had support or love from others and new emotions may be scary to them. Many can’t afford to get extra schooling. Therefore making money is difficult as well. Money making could be a stress factor. This could make them feel overwhelmed with life, as well as remembering childhood experiences, the victims could make an impulsive action, such as stealing money. They could also have mental issues or traumatic memories from their childhood. Some may become homeless and rely on the community for necessities like food and clothing. This could be extremely hard for abuse victims because they may have huge trust issues. Society isn’t always a welcoming place. They may be judged and looked at differently by multiple people as they find their way through the crowd to their future. Although, this could be a way for them to begin to find themselves and discover who they want to be as a person. Everyone is their own person, rightfully privileged to everything that anyone else in the United Staes is. For a victim, finding the…

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