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ducating rita

How does Willy Russell show change in the main character in Educating Rita? Educating Rita is a drama which was first published as a play in 1983, written by Willy Russell; subsequently, it was made into a film which quickly became a box-office hit. The play consists of a particular theme (education) and it explores the processes that inflict change upon the main character Rita. The content of the storyline was considered to be quite controversial and diverse for it’s time in that particular society. The Conservative party was presently in power and Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister
(The first ever female in English History to be appointed that particular position); Many people had varying opinions of
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Towards the end of the play, however, Rita’s dialect becomes a lot more sophisticated. “I had a choice. I did the exam. Because of what you’d given me, I had a choice.” She is emphasising her own achievements and at the same time she is searching for publicity. Rita’s accent is another factor that changes significantly. Before she attends the University, her pronounced Liverpudlian accent dominates her speech; this reflects her personality as careless and dramatic. When she first arrives at Frank’s office, her conversation consists of something completely irrelevant: the fact that she could not enter with ease because of the door-handle. When she talks like this we get the idea that she isn’t very open-minded.

After achieving a well-earned education, her characteristic accent starts to fade away; the tone of her voice depletes, she stops swearing and her use of speech is more literate. This dramatic change was quite surprising because you couldn’t imagine her with a more sophisticated etiquette. Willy Russell creates Rita’s character in a way which reflects her working-class background. He writes her speech using different techniques to make her sound undignified and distasteful. She tends to use a lot of immature words and she often swears at the start, “There’s no suppose about it, look at those tits!” This careless statement suggests that her upbringing did not consist of a high standard. It also tells us that she takes advantage of the principles

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