Educating Rita Essay

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Willy Russell, ‘Educating Rita’ 27/11/07

‘Educating Rita’ explores the way in which a woman, in her late twenties, Rita, has to deal with everyday life, conflict change and different phases as she becomes educated. The play is based on Willy Russell’s own life. At the start of the play, Frank is a more relaxed character. Rita is a hyper and open minded character, searching for adventure. She comes from the working class society and tries to become educated and well respected. Frank on the other hand is from the upper-class society, well educated but has lost most of his respect through drinking. As the play progresses Frank starts to show a romantic and affectionate side of himself towards
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He has lost all his ego and believes that he is an appealing teacher “I am an appalling teacher ... but an appalling teacher is in order for most of my appalling students.” The quote suggests that he does not get on well with his students because they do not like him and they think of him as a drunk, but he thinks that they are sickening and do not deserve much. Frank is not concerned about the quality of his teaching. He gave up on his life, wasting it through alcohol. In scene one of act one, Russell focuses on Rita’s actions. “The door swings open revealing Rita” She has a very symbolic entrance. She is a breath of fresh air in Frank’s life where the door swings open rapidly to reveal a charming woman. Frank’s dull and uninteresting life is lightened up by Rita who is full of energy, wide awake and just searching for freedom through education in an Open University in the Liverpool. She is very rebellious and does what she a kind of working class attitude. “Rita goes to hang her coat on the door hooks” She makes herself at home. She does not have much manners and is not really well raised. She swears and curses but gets straight to the point “Cos’ you don’t understand. So y’ switch it off an’ say, that’s fucking rubbish.” She believes that only educated people watch the ballet and opera, and uneducated people don’t understand.
Her attitudes towards life in act one of scene one are very negative because she is from the working, she thinks educated

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