Educating Our Nation Faced Their Share Of Challenges And Ridicule

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advancement of our nation faced their share of challenges and ridicule. However, that had to take a step outside the box in order to attempt a push into the right direction. We have to plant a seed In the future generation by providing a nurturing educational learning experience that will up left their self-esteem and open their hearts to ideas and concepts that will not only benefit the common good of now, but it should also promote the common good of new discoveries and advancement that reestablish unity and co-existence as a people of a single nation.

The Most Important Curriculum
It is wrong for me to list a bunch of classes and say that it’s the best curriculum for all students. I think curriculums should be diversified, what works for some may not work for all. Variety provides choices which can be a good thing. It’s possible to have multiple paths in which either one could lead to the same goal. It was Gregory Michie (2014) who said “In other words, schools should be a space where children can explore the unfamiliar, but also see their own lived experiences violated and valued” (Michie pg. 1). I believe every school should house a curriculum of various subjects. Math science, literature, philosophy and politics, there are many subjects that can engage learning that just limiting oneself is a true crime. One of the reasons I have a favor for charter schools over traditional public schools have always been because of their curriculum diversity. Yes all schools are…

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