Educating Children Defined By Social Class, And The Accomplishment Of A Natural Growth

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According to the two philosophies of education that Annette Lareau discovered, there are only two ways to raise children defined by social class, these are: concerted cultivation (rich or middle class parents), and the accomplishment of a natural growth (poor parents or lower class). Based on how I grew up, Lareau 's definition of concerted cultivation is accurate because my parents played a very active role in my life; they put me in a lot of activities, they supervised what I was doing in school, they helped me everyday in life, and they made me be successful. Firstly concerted cultivation perfectly describes how my childhood was, and according to Tristan: "Concerted cultivation." As the name suggests, Lareau found that middle-class parents were primarily concerned with cultivating their children 's various talents, helping them find and voice their own opinions, reasoning with them and were consistently preoccupied with their children 's development. These families were constantly on the go; the children were enrolled in a fantastic array of activities and the families were extremely busy. (Bridges, Tristan. "Are Class Differences in Parenting Style Disappearing?" The Huffington Post. Web. 11 Oct. 2015.) My parents instilled in me this kind of education, putting in different social activities, throughout my life, such as: basketball, piano and tennis. I learned many things about these activities, which helped me in my daily life. I learned how to…

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