Educating Children And Their Children Essay

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In today 's society, many parents do everything for their children. Parents are not the only ones babying children; teachers and other adults are also making them dependent on others. We cannot continue to shelter children like we are today. If we continue to over shelter children, they will always be dependent on others - they will never learn how to deal with everyday problems such as bullying and other basic life skills. A responsibility of parents are to prepare their children for adulthood. The number of people who rely on welfare is increasing each year. In 2007, 26 million people participated in the food stamp program. The number of participants was 66% of the 39 million who were qualified for the program ("Back in Time"). There are various reasons that so many people rely on financial aid. Some of those reasons are: they are too lazy to work, they are disabled, or they are simply following their parents ' ways. Some are living on the streets and others live in government housing. Some people might say that it is not the person 's fault if they cannot find a job to support themselves or that the person is disabled so they cannot work. There are plenty of jobs that you can find throughout the country. It might be working at a fast food restaurant, but it brings money in and it is a start to rebuilding one 's life. Most disabled people can find something to do. Someone that cannot walk could do desk work while someone with only one arm can learn to type with one…

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