Educating Children And Its Effects On Children Essay

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If you’re against vaccines, have you ever thought about all the pros of getting vaccinated? Getting vaccinations are ideal for almost everyone, especially children. Children are the future of our world, and if parents are granted the choice to opt out of a getting a few simple shots, it could greatly harm their child, and others around them. Allowing parents to deny vaccines could potentially cause significant health issues.
Vaccinating your child could potentially save their life. People often look at their religious or personal beliefs before doing what’s best for their child. What they aren’t thinking about is that they are putting their child’s lives in potential danger, and they could lose their child forever. Bahar Gholipour, a writer for, states that getting vaccines yearly has saved the lives of many kids, and prevented them from getting sick (quoted in the Centers for Disease control). “About 79 million U.S. children were born during the study period, and each was saved from four infectious diseases, on average, thanks to vaccination,” Bahar exclaimed. Saving the youth of our world by Vaccinations is extremely important. Because of the advances in the medical science field, kids are able to be safe from getting a significant amount of diseases. Some diseases that used to heavily effect children are even almost gone because of vaccines, like polio, for example.
There can be serious consequences for parents not vaccinating their children, and this…

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