Educating African American Males At Home Essay

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Educating African American Males
African American males in schools are spiraling quickly down the road of educational disparity. The National Education association (NEA) (2011) reports, they are three times more likely to experience harsh disciplinary actions, such as suspensions and expulsions. According to the NEA (2011), “Boys account for 71 percent of school suspensions” Regrettably, 59 percent are African American males. Furthermore, the Schott Foundation (2015), reports the current graduation rate for African American males is 59 percent. Sadly, the numbers of graduates will continue to decline if the current trends continues. It is imperative to find ways at home, school and in community to antipode the current trajectory of illiteracy, unemployment, crime, imprisonment, and poverty.
Educating Black Males at Home
Education begins at home because parents are the first teachers. According to Marchant, Paulson & Rothlisberg (2001), home is a vital setting for promoting school and education. Educating African American males at home should entail parental involvement, family engagement, and experiences such as reading books, helping with homework, meaningful dialogues, positive role models, and cultural experiences. Unfortunately, African American males lack adequate parental involvement because most of them come from single parent homes. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2004), “56 percent of African American children live in single family homes mostly headed by…

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