Essay about Edu Observation

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Description of Setting: (Describe setting, age group of children, number of children observed, materials available, activity observed and number of teachers present)
The room is called the purple room. All the walls in the room are light purple and the bottom of the walls are dark purple. As you walk in there are the children’s cubbies to the right at adult level. Each of the cubbies is labeled with the child’s name and picture in front of it. To the left was the telephone for the teachers and lower is a shelf with the sign in and out sheets for parents and teachers to sign. Over that shelf is the manipulative or table toys center there isn’t any carpeting on the floor. There are three shelves in the manipulative center all with
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Behind the corner of the diaper changing table there is the adult sized sink. Next to the adult sized sink there are the cots above the cot was the cot map. Beside the stacked up cots is a shelve on the wall with more art supplies. Below that is the art center. In the art center there is scissors for the children, fat round pencils, crayons, markers, color pencils, confetti, play dough, play dough toys, magazines, stacks of papers, glue, paint, variety of paint brushes, ribbon, googly eyes, pom poms, yarn, and glue sticks. There is a blue child size table with four red chairs around it. There is art work posted in that center. Besides the art center is home living. I saw a white and pink plastic table with a wooden container with wooden and plastic food in the middle. There are two thick plastic chairs in the table. Behind the table is a rack with different dress up clothes. I saw different cultural apparel. Next to the rack is a little closet with a red handle. Next to that was a shelve with kitchen stuff. Plates, cups, pans, food, measuring cups, cloth food, and plastic bowels. Next to that was a grey and light blue stove with storage at the bottom. Next to the stove is a white and yellow child sized play sink. Next to that sink is a shelve but the back is facing home living. On the back of that shelve are some large pictures of food. There was a picture of carrots, a fruit burger, and some vegetables. Next to that shelve is the entrance

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