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RE: Grade 5 & 6 Tabloid Sports Carnival - Proposal

The proposed sports tabloid afternoon provides an opportunity to consolidate the Health and Physical Education lessons conducted throughout the year. Students have been engaged in health and physical movement that have enable them to acquire, apply and evaluate fundamental movement skills, concepts and strategies confidently, competently and creatively in a variety of physical activity contexts and settings (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority [ACARA], 2013).

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are “essential for all physical activities and when developed in school years are often maintained in later life” (Board of Studies Teaching and Educational
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Each time teacher switches to a different exercise the students’ copy previous movement (Primary Resources, 2015).

Activity 1 – Goal Kicking*
“AFL goals: Students to line up at 15 m line marked on grass area and attempt to kick as many goals as they can in 5 minutes between the goals within a five minute time frame”. Once all students have completed turn, they perform the same activity with a soccer ball. This activity focuses on FMS kicking skills and links to the content descriptor ACPM061 of the Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2013).

Activity 2 – Captain Ball*
The group is divided into two, one higher ability team of six and a lower ability team of five. “Each team plays captain ball. Captain (first player) facing team throws the ball to each player in the line. Players catch and return the ball then squatting down. The last person in the line catches the ball and runs to the front becoming captain. The game continues until all team members have been captain. Teams repeat the game for 10 minutes”. In this activity students use repetition and linking of FMS skills of catching to ACPMP061, ACPMP064 and ACPMP069 of the Australian Curriculum. Using gross and fine motor skills the chest pass (throw and catch) combines with locomotion and body management skills (running and balance).

Activity 3 – Shoot Out*
A striker stands 3-5 metres away from fielding students who stand

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