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Running Head: Children's Literature Task 1 1

Children;s Literature Task 1
Arthur Carroll
Western Governor's University

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Children's Literature Task 1 It is well known that the world is filled to the brim with a rich history in athletics, education, science, politics, and the arts. What is not common knowledge is the history and richness of children's literature and how it eventually became what it is today. Just like most things, what we now know as children's literature is nothing like what it was originally, it has transformed into something else entirely. Nonetheless, it has as colorful a history as it does some
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The best example of this is Elucidarium by Anselm. This book was basically an encyclopedia for children on how to live out there lives. Another idea that was constantly present in Colonial American children's literature was idea of religion. Around this time era, puritanism was a much higher priority than childrens entertainment. Outside of instructions and religion, education became a common staple in childrens literature. Little Pretty-Pocket-Book written by Newberry was a good example of this education in cchildren's literature. The purpose of that book was to teach children the alphabet. All in all, children's literature in Colonial America was a time of instruction, religion, and education. When the 1900s came, children's literature began to be recognized as solid literature. Sadly, even in the 1960's there was a constant misrepresentation of race. Stereotypes were extremely common in children's literature and was found every where you looked. Mexicans loved fiestas, Asians were depicted with slanty eyes, African Americans basically looked like caricatured versions of themselves and the list could go on forever. Insensitivity to race was common in children's literature in the the 1960's, but that changed overtime. Another big shift in writing was that at this time children's books weren't just information, they were

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