Edna's Final Decision In The Awakening

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Edna’s final decision in “The Awakening” was ultimately the only way she felt she could be truly happy and free. Edna grew up in a time where women were to get married and raise a family. However, as Edna came to realize this was not fulfilling enough for her. Edna wanted more out of her life. At first, Edna chooses to move out of her home with her sons and husband and into her own home. Edna begins a journey of self-exploration, which includes, an affair with Alcee Arobin. Edna realizes that she can’t be who she truly wants to be and be a good mother so, she must make a choice. Ultimately, Edna decides she cannot sacrifice who she is, however, for the sake of her children she feels the only way true happiness for both herself and her family

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