Edmund Kemper Killer

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Edmund Kemper
Edmund Kemper is probably one of the world 's most famous serial killers known for picking up hitchhikers and simply killing them. Edmund Kemper popularly nicknamed the Kool Aid killer was not always a killer but he wasn 't always an angel either. Kimber was born in Burbank California to the parents of Charlene and he camper junior. Campers parents had a rocky marriage and ended up divorcing when he was nine forcing him to move to Helene Montana with his mother who he disliked all while being belittled and put down by his sisters. The belittling and constant verbal abuse by his family only got worse when his mother started liking him in the basement because “him sharing a room with his sisters send unsettling”.(Marlee MacLeod)
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Temper was desperate for some excitement in his twisted life so he decided to kill his mother a little differently. He knew he wanted to kill his mother a week before he actually did he says in a prison interview. He waited for her to come home and soon as she go in bed her last words to him here “I guess you want to stay up and talk all night” then he hit her with a hammer and cut off his head in attempt to humiliate her body like she humiliated him his whole life. (Murder: No Apparent Motive) He took her head and mounted it to a wall to then throw darts at. Afterwards he placed a note on her head reading “Appx. 5:15 A.M. Saturday. No need for her to suffer anymore at the end of this horrible ‘murderous butcher’. It was quick, sleep the way I wanted it.” Anxious for someone to see what he had done he then called over his mother 's best friend Sally Halle and did the same thing to her. (SerialKillerCalendar.com)

The next morning {Easter morning} when Edmund Kemper got up and decided he should flee because after all the work he had done all evidence will point directly to him. After driving 1500 miles nonstop and became disappointed that the news of what he had just done did not make the radio. He decided to turn himself in to the police. Temper politely pullover, got out of his car and used a phone booth to call the police. From this point out Kemper was very cooperative with everything including showing police different burial sites and giving them more details did they ever thought there

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