How To Write A Self Reflective Statement

Section One I have had a longer chance to experience the positive growth that has come from my participation in EDLT 409. I have had two quarters to learn, teach, and reflect on my own personal growth as a teacher. I had to find ways to make learning fun for my student and also make sure that they are fulfilling the Common Core State Standards. This was one of the first times I was creating actual lesson plans that included the Common Core State Standards and actually teaching them to students. I found it fairly easy to have the student make connections to themselves with the stories I picked. I feel that I learned a lot about my organizational skills in this class. I have a lot to work on regarding my organization that will only help me in the future. I also struggled with time management, I tend to create lesson plans that took longer than what time we had allotted which is another skill I need to work on. When I am in my own classroom I need to make sure I am not running over time because I will have a full schedule every day. When I first entered the cafeteria at the elementary school I was very nervous about everything that I had to do for the class and all the lesson plan that I needed to write. I wasn’t quite …show more content…
With my student peers I felt that they knew that I would be a support to them and that I would help them in any way that I can. I also felt comfortable enough with asking help from my peers as well. I was able to build relationships with my peers that will help me in my future classes here at Central and beyond. I am glad that I have a good supportive group with me. When it comes to my tutee I felt that I had a good positive attitude with him as well. Luke had days where he was a bit rambunctious and I felt that I always kept even tempered with him. He always enjoyed coming to the 409 class every Tuesday and

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