Editorial Photography : Advertising Photography Essay

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(Journalistic/Editorial Photography)
As advertising photography opens up consumers to purchase goods desire Pandora 's box, edit photography open public through visual rather than verbal and awareness for information only treasure chest.
People like pictures, no pictures of the text for the reading public is boring. Since printing technology have the ability to print pictures, paintings and engravings are used for newspapers and magazines. In 1880, the development of printing technology to be used to copy pictures halftone (that is, in the mechanical printing paper, continuous with larger and smaller ink dots showing tonal gradations photo).
Photos soon become a major part of the daily newspaper. Development of fax technology, the scanned photo can be passed through the telegraph and telephone lines, also accelerated the news photos worldwide spread. Associated Press Associated Press Fax pioneered the development of its technology (AP Wirephoto), on January 1, 1935 began to send pictures to their members of the network. In terms of quality, gravure (specifically for high quality image printing) to become a major feature of the Sunday edition of the newspaper, until now used to launch a color version of the Sunday supplement magazine.
In the last quarter of the 20th century, the daily newspaper "USA Today" (USA Today) start, most of the news section of the newspaper photographs, are the transition from monochrome to color printing, even staid old-fashioned "New York Times"…

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