Edith Wharton 's The Age Of Innocence Essay

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Edith Wharton’s life showed that she was very happy but no one ever knew what happened behind closed doors. The Age of Innocence truly portrays her marriage and how unhappy she was. Her books were very inspirational to other individuals and made an enormous impact on other’s individual lives. Edith Wharton said this very inspirational quote, “I swear I only want to hear about you, to know what you 've been doing. It 's a hundred years since we 've met-it may be another hundred before we meet again.” (http://www.goodreads.com) Wharton wishes she could have reconnected with her husband before he died, but she never got the chance. Wharton was dedicated to her writing, and her writing showed throughout the years she published books. Edith Wharton’s life influenced her book, The Age of Innocence. Edith Wharton’s life had a very great impact on individual’s lives. Wharton was born on February 24, 1862, in New York. (www.americanwriters.org) Wharton and her family soon moved to Europe when she was four years old, and this is where Wharton began homeschooling.(www.online-literaure.com) Wharton did not like the homeschooling idea at all, so she decided to move back to New York where she continued her education with private tutors.( www.online-literaure.com) In 1885 she met the man of her dreams, Edward Wharton. Edith thought he was a charming young man, and they got married at a young age. (www.americanwriters.org) Edith then began what she loved to do again which was…

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