Edison 's Invention Of The Light Bulb Essay examples

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Imagine living with only one reliable, safe, and effective source of light- the sun. Imagine trying to live when the only other light sources available are gaslights, torches, gas lamps, and man made fires. People all around the country take having light whenever it is needed for granted. Before the lightbulb was invented by Thomas Edison, having a safe and reliable source of light was not heard of besides the sun. Lighting places up such as homes, buildings and towns was a very dangerous task due to the high risk of fires starting, having black residue left behind on anything near gas lamps and gaslights, and having the presence and smell of smoke very often . Not only did safety improve with Edison’s light bulb but so did communities, workplaces, and people’s everyday lives. Edison’s invention of the light bulb is arguably the greatest achievement that shaped the world people live in because it led to better safety in society, longer work hours, more nighttime activities, and industrial advancements. Edison did not invent the first ever light bulb; he wanted to invent a safe, inexpensive electric light to replace the gaslight, which was a challenge that scientists had been grappling with for the last fifty years (“Thomas Edison”). He invented the first electric, practical, safe, and useful bulb. Other light sources at the time besides the sun were gas lights, gas lamps, torches, and manmade fires however these were not safe and ideal. The pre existing light sources at the…

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