Edison And Its Effects On The Modern World Essay

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“His job on the train caused Edison to become deaf. One morning he did not make it aboard in time, and as the train started to pull away he tried to climb the first step but was not able to keep his balance. A railroad worker grabbed him by the ears and hauled him up. Edison felt something snap inside his head, which started his deafness, which got worse throughout his life. However, Edison did not look upon his deafness as a misfortune, he claimed that it allowed him to pay attention to books, and also allowed him to focus,” (Thomas Alva Edison). Edison’s deafness allowed him to focus on his work and not be distracted by outside noises and people. This immense amount of focus allowed him to invent magnificent tools and inventions that the modern world uses today. Society looks up to people like Edison, who invented the bases of what the world now feels is normal or granted, but in reality it was the mind of one man to created what is “normal” or “granted”. The electric industry, modern tools, electrical cars, and prosperity in other professions were effects of Thomas Edison creating the electric light bulb. Without Edison, the modern world would be a very different place. A world without the electric industry would be very dark and treacherous. His work was able to inspire others to continue his legacy after he died. Such people like Nikola Tesla, who was his competitor, but became his heir. Tesla was the apprentice of Edison and use Edison’s work to create a new way to…

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