Edifice Solutions: Case Study

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Edifice Solutions is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for all employees. We strive to build a strong culture of safety through proactive planning, training, enforcement and recognition. Our goal is to achieve the highest standard of safety throughout each phase of our operations.
We recognize that construction sites can be perilous. Therefore, we strive to ensure that all employees work safely on jobsites free of avoidable hazards. When hazards cannot be completely eliminated, we proactively deploy safety measures to prevent injuries.
On the rare occasion of an accident or near-miss, we are ready to respond quickly and effectively to minimize the extent of injuries and prevent similar accidents/incidents from occurring
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To accomplish successful safety operations, Edifice Solutions requires as a minimum the following:

1. Edifice seeks and hires the best possible candidates for to fill positions within our organization. Each new hire must undergo an extensive pre-employment background investigation and drug screening. Candidates must submit references and training credentials, which are verified prior to an offer for employment.

2. All employees will complete a new hire orientation, including initial security and site safety training. All non-supervisory site workers will receive training to earn an OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Card. Site Superintendents, Quality Control Specialist and Project Managers are required to hold an OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety Card and be First Aid/CPR certified. Some projects may require additional safety training to satisfy job
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Included within the APP are Activity Hazard Analysis’ (AHA) with task-related Definable Features of Work (DFOW). Pre-qualified subcontractors are required to submit an AHA specifically addressing hazards associated with the tasks they will perform. The Safety Director and SSHO will review the AHA with all site employees, provides the appropriate training to each employee relevant to the tasks her or she performs. If or when any activity changes or an additional hazard has been introduced into the work area, the Site QC/Safety Manager will add it to the AHA, inform all site employees, and provide training to employee, relative to the new hazard the employees may encounter. After a thorough review of the AHA each employee must sign in acknowledgement, confirming he or she understands risk associated with the identified hazards and that training has been provided to keep them safe.

4. Systematic safety inspections (SSHO) are conducted daily by the Superintendent or Site Safety and Health officer to ensure operations are being performed in a safe manner. Safety reports are generated by the SSHO or other safety personnel following each inspection. The Safety Inspection Report may require corrections which the superintendent must ensure are rectified. If recommendations require retraining, the employee will be removed from that particular task and are

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