Edgar From William Shakespeare 's King Lear Essay

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Without Edgar from William’s Shakespeare’s King Lear taking responsibility for himself and for his father, the Earl of Gloucester, he would not be able to comprehend hardship and guide both himself and his father through suffering. When his life plans to become Earl of Gloucester veer off his expected path, Edgar immerses himself in a pit of desire. He has to transform his outlook on life to take responsibility for himself and for his father before he can understand that the world is not a honest or civil place. Edgar transitions from ignorance to intelligence due to his own suffering, observing his father’s suffering, and being able to accept and take responsibility for what has happened to them. Edgar is able to move past his self-doubt and in the end rewarded with becoming king.

Edgar is incapable of taking responsibility for what has happen to him because he has never encountered difficulties. Due to Edgar’s legitimacy he will take his father’s title as Earl of Gloucester upon his passing. Edgar has a privileged lifestyle, therefore has never faced real obstacles of his own. When his brother, Edmund, frames him by giving there father a letter expressing that Edgar wants him dead, Edgar is forced to leave the kingdom and go into hiding. Edgar is quick to feel sorry for himself because he has never known any different and he needs to experience some suffering to learn and grow as an individual. He cannot understand why this misfortune has happened to him as he has…

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