Edgar Allen Poe Narrative Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe Narrative

Authors use forms of syntax, diction, imagery, tone, and argument to illustrate the point and feel that they want to get across to the reader. In this narrative, Edgar Allen Poe uses elements in his narrative to argue that although what he has experienced might not be so horrible in another's eyes, it has destroyed him. He uses syntax and diction to describe the rest of his narrative, and to reinforce his statements, which seems to contrast another when he states that this narrative will be ‘wild, homely, and terrible'- giving the reader a feel of exaggeration- but also he states that what he says will be ‘plain and succinct'- the truth. There is a sign of insecurity, confusion, and disbelief in this
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Explicit imagery is shown as Poe pops out abstruse adjectives which give the readers a personal slide show of the possible horrors that tormented him. The first line gives an image of something that is unbelievable and horrible. The following sentences makes Poe look like a mental case for he's experienced events that even his "senses reject evidence"; he doesn't even know if he is mad or if he is dreaming; evidence of his past is a blur, and it makes the reader view him as a trauma case; someone that is not normal. Although the images of Poe being mental and abnormal stays, his is demystified a bit when he presents logic in saying that others might not see his experiences as being so horrible. The crazy images settle down a bit towards the end of the passage, setting the reader up for the idea that he is not a normal person (which will soon help in his argument). The tone and feel of the narrative is often strange, for he was a strange man. A feeling of exaggeration, disbelief, and credibility comes up as the undertone backs up this contradiction when he both credits and discredits himself through out the passage. Poe switches from being an exaggerator that's unsure of himself, to being a pretty unbiased and logical person. You can see his exaggerations as he says that he's going to die tomorrow and that the events he's seen have "tortured and terrified" him; Poe is trying to separate him from the normal. The tone at the beginning seems very wild and

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