The Elements Of Fear In Edgar Allan Poe's Short Stories

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Many authors have in several occasions based their work on the politics and extreme love that capture the emotions of readers. Edgar Allan Poe on the other hand has a different perspective of what to offer readers as he utilizes the emotions of fear and uncertainty to articulate his message and more so entertain his readers. This skill is the reason why most of his works are celebrated in the United States of America. In order to understand the meaning behind Poe’s short story we need to analyze how the author has utilized these elements of fear and more so uncertainty as he uses insane and emotionally disturbed characters to make his message reach home to his readers. That may be complicated because the literally style that has been used in this short story is different than what the American society was used to reading but Poe wrote so that it is interpretable. Poe’s short story reveals the American culture …show more content…
In a modern society, even during that time period was opinionated and came to strong and subjective conclusions to what they hear and/or read. As the character of Roderick Usher developed during the short story the shift of the feelings that Poe created made Roderick’s actions and illustrations clear but interpretable. The gloomy and dark mood of this story almost directs the readers of that society to sway towards Poe’s opinions relating to incestuous relationships and psychological disorders. However Poe kept a short leash to ensure that the message he was relaying to be open to interpretation but clearly known as a variable when creating your own analysis. The reason it was important for Poe to paint the unique picture during that time was to address the cultural norms that some paid no attention to and some, which Poe felt, were not strong enough. Figuratively speaking, he woke them up and snapped them out of the monotonous cultural trends and norms to make

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