Edgar Allan Poe 's Writing Style Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe’s Writing Styles

Edgar Allan Poe’s writing style and techniques are very unique to him. All of his stories are set around with the following themes or ideas. They all are considered suspense type stories that involve murderous or insane character as its protaganist. Usually, always the protaganist in his stories commits some type of crime, such as murder, and tried to conceal it from other characters in the story. Another, view to identify that a story is written by Poe, is the type of setting. Most often all his stories take place in a bedroom in a house that is often dark, hardly any light to get in. Another aspect unique to Poe’s writing is the fact of images and use of words to express the feeling of horror or suspense throughout the stories. This is done to make the reader continue reading the story to find out the conclusion. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts, to parents that were involved in acting careers. Poe thought it was from his mother that he got the talents of being a reciter of verse. One, major event early on his life before the age of three is his mother passed away, this is what lead him to writing his poems in an attempt to find an woman to remember his mother. At the same time, of his mother’s death his father abandoned the family and probably died a short time later. A family in Richmond, Virgina took Poe in that held the family name of John Allan, and that is how Poe got his middle name from…

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