Edgar Allan Poe 's Writing Style Essay

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A man of many wonders was the remarkable Edgar Allan Poe. The techniques he used in his writings were very unique, and considered one of the most iconic today. But what makes Edgar Allan Poe so well-known? Well, Poe had a talent for giving off a gloomy vibe in every story, and leaving his audience with an eerie feeling. His characters, his themes, and his settings are all described so vividly and terrifying that he, most often than not, is able to keep the reader hooked. Even long before death, he was able to fascinate others left and right; many people during his lifetime--including his lovers—appealed to the unhappy quality in his personality. Furthermore, it is very common to hear on-going criticism of his grotesque and gothic writing style, but many people don’t actually take the time to analyze further into Edgar Allan Poe’s inspirations. Poe himself ingeniously took advantage of his misfortune. Although Edgar Allan Poe did not mainly aim for his literature to reflect upon himself, there is a subtle relation between his experience with death, love, and substances, and some of the attention-grabbing elements included in several of his most famous short stories.
Unfortunately as a child, Edgar Allan Poe dealt with several painful experiences and loads of suffering. Death experiences began taking a toll on Poe ever since he was about two years of age. Young Edgar was born to Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins and David Poe, who were both actors. David Poe then disappeared for some…

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