Edgar Allan Poe 's The Premature Burial Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was able to infuse terror and fear through words, unlike any other, his stories were so descriptive that they will haunt your dreams, the plot and resolution were extremely intriguing and satisfying. He was an American author and poet. He writes mostly short stories in the mystery genre, he is so greatly recognized and admired that there is an award called the Edgar Allan Poe Award for prestigious stories in the mystery genre. Two great examples of his most exquisite works are, "The Cask of Amontillado" in which the narrator lures one of his wine loving friends to the catacombs, he gets him intoxicated, later he chains him up, builds a cavity around him and leaves him there to rot. All of this was done because the friend insulted the narrator. Another story, "The Premature Burial" is about different stories about people being buried alive and then Edgar 's own story of being buried alive and how it was like Hell. Edgar Allan Poe uses dark diction, creative figurative language, and intelligent repetition to enhance his writing, this can be proved by using the stories, "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Premature Burial".
The first reason of how Edgar Allan Poe enhanced his writing is with the use of diction. This can be presented on page 6 of “Amontillado”, “We had passed through long walls of piled skeletons, with casks and puncheons intermingling, into the most recesses of the catacombs.” This quote utilizes dark diction in order to paint the image of the…

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