Edgar Allan Poe 's The Pit And The Pendulum Essay

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Poe Paper Edgar Allan Poe was widely known as one of the best authors of the Dark Romantics era. The dark and creepy characteristics of his stories and poems presented the characters as sinful in his works and looked into the dark side of the mind. Poe’s works are influential today as they are studied all over the world and used as the basis for the subgenre of the Dark Romantics and what the era of stories and poems really represented. Not only Edgar Allan Poe, but Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Herman Melville were the main writers during this century that focused works madness, humanity, and nature. Poe seemed to embrace the genre and type of storyline the best as his works always created a similar feeling or impression on the reader. Poe establishes the atmosphere of fear and horror in his stories and poems through the use of literary elements such as the setting, the characters, and the conflicts. The setting of Poe’s story “The Pit and the Pendulum” helps to create the atmosphere that is established by Poe in two ways. For example, the setting that is created by the narrator waking up in a pitch black underground room, establishes and adds to this atmosphere of fear and horror. The narrator knows that the Spanish Inquisition has got a hold of him, but he does not have any clue whatsoever about what they are planning on doing to him. A little bit later on in the story, the narrator passes out again and wakes up strapped to a table with a pendulum above him and a soon…

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