Edgar Allan Poe 's The Mysterious Poe Essay

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The Mysterious Poe Edgar Allan Poe is an author that most people would know from reading one of his stories during an English class. Poe has written many works that have been read by many through out time. Some say he has been an inspiration; others simply enjoy his work. Then there are some people who find his mysterious life to be the most enjoyable part. Edgar Allan Poe is known as an inspiration in the U.S. and all of American literature, but his interesting life inspired his writings that make him well known today. Edgar Allan Poe had short and hard life. Poe was very young when his father left and mother passed away (McCabe). He had struggled through his later life when it came to work. Poe would get fired job after job because of his behavior (McCabe). He struggled through most of his life and lived in poverty. Poe ended up joining the army in a desperate time. He was homeless and need a place to stay after no longer having a place with his adoptive parents. Even though life was hard, Poe still wrote amazing works that have been shared through out time. Poe had moved in with his aunt and his cousin. He fell for his 13 year old cousin and at the time he was already 27 years old. How this was allowed is unthinkable. For one she is his cousin. She is also only 13 years old while he is much older, and her cousin. After a tragic end to their relationship Poe was devastated. Later on his neighbor’s daughter caught his eye and he had written a poem…

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