Essay Edgar Allan Poe 's The Master Of Murder Mysteries

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Murder. Misfortune. Mystery. Why do any of these random words matter? Edgar Allan Poe, the master of murder mysteries, has set up the outline for countless detective stories. His repetitive stories about tragedy is what he is known for, and is what has influenced several writers beyond his time, such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle himself wrote, “Where was the detective story before Poe breathed the breath of life into it?” (Poe Museum). In fact, Poe’s ideas derived from the extensive knowledge he has gained about tragedy during his lifetime. Edgar Allan Poe’s influences are based mostly around the deaths of his family members that he experienced throughout his lifetime, but his imagination and psychological studies also inspire his work.

Edgar Allan Poe experienced many tragedies in his life, most of which are reflected through his stories. At the age of two, both of his birth parents had died. His mother died from the common disease called tuberculosis, but for his father, some say he disappeared while others say he just simply died. Poe was then “adopted” by a man named John Allan, who never officially claimed Poe as his son. Growing up, Poe and Allan had several disagreements, which ended up disrupting his schooling because Allan only funded one-third of Poe’s college tuition, so Poe was forced to find money his own way, getting addicted to gambling and eventually having to live in the streets. However, Poe was quite close with Allan’s wife, Frances, but…

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