Edgar Allan Poe 's The Great Poet Essay

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The More You Know, the Better You’ll Poe
The most vital things in the creative process are death and alcohol, right? No, but they were for Edgar Allan Poe, the morbidly great poet. Setbacks occurred rampidly for him, but he saw past them in his own, strange way. Drawing from personal experiences with death and grief, Edgar Allan Poe, a beautifully sadistic writer, was the most unique of his time, in turn developing vivid images and heartfelt emotions in his readers.
Straight from the start, Poe’s life was filled with misfortune. Both of his parents died before he was three, his mother due to causes of tuberculosis (Biography.com). He was separated from his siblings and sent to live with John and Frances Allan, a tobacco farming couple, in Richmond, Virginia. John Allan and Edgar didn’t mesh very well, so Edgar was sent to boarding schools and, eventually, the University of Virginia. However, Allan failed to support him financially, leading to Poe’s gambling addiction. In 1827, he joined the army and published his first book, Tamerlane, and Other Poems (Biography.com). After publishing his second book, he was honorably discharged and enrolled in West Point, a military academy, in 1830. Again, he was kicked out for lack for lack of sufficient funds, as well as ignoring his duties. At this point Allan cut off ties with him, in which Poe was sent to live with his aunt, Mrs. Maria Clemm (Poetry Foundation). Throughout 1831-1835 he lived with his aunt, as well as his cousin…

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