Essay on Edgar Allan Poe 's The Dark Romanticism

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Transcendentalism influenced the authors of the dark Romanticism differently, hence critics have pointed out the various ways that these authors had to break that trend.
First, the dark romantic little trust in perfection as an innate quality of the human being, the key idea of the transcendentalists. His characters are prone to sin and self-destruction, as they do not inherently possess both the grace and wisdom. Second, although both groups claim that nature is a deeply spiritual strength, low dark Romanticism contemplates a sinister light, unlike transcendentalism, which sees in nature a kind of organic and universal mediator with the divine. For these romantics, on the contrary, the natural world is dark, decadent and mysterious, and his revelations to man are evil or infernal character.
Finally, while the Transcendentalists advocate social reform where necessary, they propose there opposite characters often fail again and again in their attempts to improve their lives.
Edgar Allan Poe used a hidden style. There are a lot of characteristic, which can difference this author from the rest.

• He tells terrifying and mysterious events
• Gloomy and gothic scenarios
• He maintains suspense throughout history.
• Strong and violent scenes
• The subject of death
• Appearance of tormented characters
• Narration in first person
• Rationale of the narrative
• He uses supernatural elements and extraordinary events, to produce curiosity and fear in the reader
• Use the logical…

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