Edgar Allan Poe 's The Black Cat And Henry Lawson 's `` The Bush Undertaker ``

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What is “Gothic”? Nowadays, people assume that stories with supernatural content are considered to be “Gothic”. However, the supernatural is only one of the elements to a Gothic literature. With that, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” and Henry Lawson’s “The Bush Undertaker” will be explored in terms of introducing more aspects of the Gothic and their similarities in regards to how the Gothic is used to convey their messages across. Gothic is a genre describing dark and terrifying events that take place in mysterious places. This genre emphasizes on spaces and often has its stories set in exotic places in Europe or ancient castles. The settings usually conceal a horrifying secret or are most likely home to a fearful character. It qualifies as a unique genre for its focus on specific emotional stimuli and its means of affecting this stimulation . The use of supernatural elements, the grotesque and the uncanny creates suspense and fear when presented to the audience. The character’s mental state is also explored upon which makes the audience. In Poe’s “The Black Cat”, aspects of Gothic are used to focus on alcoholism and the evil side of human nature – perversity. The narrator started the story explaining that he has a “docility and humanity” in his “disposition” (p272). He and his wife had many pets, including a black cat named Pluto. The narrator and Pluto were good friends until he turned into an alcoholic. The Gothic element of exploring the character’s mental state…

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