Essay on Edgar Allan Poe 's Life

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Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts. In his early years his biological father left early on and his biological mom passed away when he was only three years old. He has a younger sister and an older brother which after his mom’s death they all we’re separated. Poe went to live with a wealthy family named the Allan’s. John Allan worked as a Scottish merchant in Richmond, Virginia Allan worked with different goods, including wheat, cloth, tombstones, tobacco, and slaves. They never legally adopted Poe but they gave him his new name Edgar Allan Poe. The family soon sailed to Britain where Poe attended a grammar school for a short period of time in Irvine, Scotland. Poe got engaged to a lady by the name of Sarah Elmira Royster. Later he attended University of Virginia, which was founded by Thomas Jefferson. He studied ancient and modern languages there. While attending college Poe had lost touch with his fiancée Sarah. He reached out to John Allan for funds to pay for college expenses, but after some time he would no longer fund him. Poe turned to gambling to try to get extra money for school, which got him into Debt. Poe could no longer afford to pay for classes, text books, clothes and dormitory furniture so he left the University. He later found out that his current fiancée Sarah was married to a gentlemen named Alexander Shelton. Heartbroken Poe left for Boston. Poe enlisting in the Military using an alias name…

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