Edgar Allan Poe 's Life Experiences With Death, Loneliness, Lost Lovers, And Poverty

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Edgar Allan Poe’s life experiences with death, loneliness, lost lovers, and poverty created the right background for him to become one of the most influential writers in Gothic literature. Two excellent examples of Poe’s life experiences having direct influence on his writings and specific gothic style stand out with their unique poetic structure. The poem, The Raven, and the short story, The Fall of The House of Usher are prominent examples perfect for literary analysis. Specifically, they both contain the key structures of all Gothic literature, while also describing events and imagery that tied to actual events in Poe’s life. Both works use three themes of gothic literature; descriptions of women dying, ruined buildings, and dark romanticism. I plan to connect events of Poe’s life and aspects of his character to these literary devices, techniques, and themes using the two works through concise explanation and examples. Before I give my three examples for analysis let me first explain a bit of Poe’s sad and depressing biography. It seemed the moment things began to turn around for him bright moments would be promptly interrupted by the dark shadow of death and despair, much like many of the tales he became famed for. He was a child of two traveling actors, his father abandoned him, and his mother passed away at the age of three. Poe was left with only a child’s memories of a dying mother. These tragic life circumstances gave young Edgar a unique perspective on writing…

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