Essay on Edgar Allan Poe 's Last Goodbye

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Poe’s Likely Last Goodbye Few poets have mastered the techniques of symbolism in poetry as the immense works of Edgar Allan Poe. His final poem to be published in 1849 title, “Annabel Lee,” is such an example. This narrative poem consists of two characters, the young man telling the story and his angelic bride, Annabel Lee. Throughout Poe’s poem Annabel Lee is taken away from the young man by the envious angels. What prompted Poe to write this particular poem that held in it many of his main universal themes such as death, disease and being buried? When delving into this in comparison to his own life it seems somewhat ironic that this was his final work to go to print which seems to share a staggering semblance to his own life. This piece of literature contains his main themes but focuses more intently on that of love and unfair loss. In the first stanza of, “Annabel Lee,” Poe introduces a “maiden” by the name of Annabel Lee. Although the poem may refer to a number of women in Poe 's life, most acknowledge it to be in memory of Virginia Clemm, Poe 's wife. At the age twenty-seven Edgar Allan Poe married his thirteen year old first cousin. However, in a short period of time she became stricken with tuberculosis which marked a slow and painful death. It is believed in most accounts of Poe’s life that their marriage was a very happy one much like the love that narrator once shared with his wife. For example in the first stanza the speaker shares about his and Annabel’s…

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