Edgar Allan Poe 's Influence On The World Of Literature Essay

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In 1809 a literary genius was born by the name of Edgar Allan Poe, impacting the world of literature using short stories, novels, and poetry that were all of a new style incorporating insanity, horror, and gruesome imagery beyond belief. In late 2004, a biography was developed by Marie Rose Napierkowski and Mary Ruby, showing the true upbringing of Poe, the creative lifestyle, and the list of the rewards he received during his time as a writer. Napierkowski and Ruby went on to say, "His poems and stories have influenced the literary schools of Symbolism and Surrealism as well as the popular genres of detective and horror fiction." Edgar Allan Poe was adopted in the year 1811 by John and Frances Allan, being raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He started off his career in the military where he was enlisted under the name of Edgar A. Perry in 1827 and later was promoted to regional sergeant major in 1829. Napierkowski and Ruby seemed very fond of Poe 's work and it seems as if they put him on a pedestal throughout this piece by saying statements like "It is always profitable to read about Poe’s life while reading his works because a clear line can be drawn from the events in his life, through his particular phobias and obsessions, and straight to the disturbing, supernatural poems and tales that he wrote."
After this promotion Poe discharged from the military purposefully by not following orders and violating regulations hoping to work his way into the world of literacy. After he…

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